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Comment: Family in need of home repairs,...

rebellicious started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Miscellaneous and Non-Categorized Nonprofits"

Family in need of home repairs, medical help we have no insurance and haven't seen a doctor since 1999. Roof is leaking shingles are missing, ceilings sagging, floors we re moved carpet now we have concrete only no flooring or trim boards, heat pump doesn't heat and we need dental also. My husband is retired and not enough to pay bills we need assistance please we have very little food. Our phone and lights are cut off frequently. Our truck is not running, we have to walk. I am not able to work, need to be on medicine but can't afford it. The state of florida says we do not qualify for food, medicaid, food stamps, or anything because my husband makes 1800.00 a month retirement, but we have 2 children to feed and clothe, I need some kind of grant to help us. please.
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